• Your administration manual,
    stimulus book, record forms,
    notepad, a stop-watch, age
    calculator and scoring assistant.
    All on an iPad.

Q-interactive is an easy-to-use iPad application that allows clinicians to choose, administer and score clinical assessments via two tablets connected by Bluetooth.

With a constantly growing library of digital clinical assessments, Q-interactive provides flexibility, convenience and efficiency.

How Does It Work?

How it Works

Assessment administration occurs using two iPads that “talk” to each other via Bluetooth connection. With just a tap of a finger, you can easily customise a battery based on clients' needs. Administer the full test, or only the subtests that you need.

How it Works

You use one tablet to administer instructions, record and score responses, take notes, and control visual stimuli. The client uses the other to view and respond to stimuli.

How it Works

Real time scoring means once you have completed the assessment battery, you can instantly view subtest scores and notes. Encrypted data is stored on your iPad and then synchronised over a secure connection to our server where it is stored in an encrypted database with industry-standard technology.

Why would I use Q-interactive instead of paper-pencil tests?

Travel Light

Your assessments tools are now contained within two lightweight digital tablets. No more lugging around heavy kits, a timer, stacks of record forms and stimulus booklets.


The content and administration procedures of many assessments will be recognisable. Combine that with an intuitive user interface and you’ll benefit from more time to focus on your clients and interpreting their results.

Save time

Automatically scoring improves accuracy and cuts down scoring time. Anecdotal evidence suggests that once you’re proficient Q-interactive can reduce administration and scoring time by 20%.

Reduce Costs

With Q-interactive you only pay for what you use and are not required to invest in a complete test kit.


Tailor your battery to fit the specific need of your client. Control the administration time and depth of assessment by administering the full test, or only the subtests that you need.

Q Interactive
Q Interactive